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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

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This community is for Kerrverts to share photographs of the Festival, or of festival related activities.

Non-photo posts can be made in the kerrfolk community at
How to Post to the kerrphotos Community

First you must join the kerrphotos community by logging on to your Live Journal Account and going to:
On that page, find "To join this community, click here," and click there.

Next, to post your pictures, you must have a place to store them online. A place I just tried is http://www.flickr.com/. It was free, and really easy to use.  I try to keep the "image size" of my pictures between 300 and 500 pixels.

After you have your pictures online, open your Live Journal user info page. Pull down "Journal," and select "Update."

A journal entry window will open. In order post pictures, go to the bottom of the entry box, and click on "Rich Text."

This will give you a tool bar across the top of the Journal Entry Box. The "Add Image" button for adding pictures is the box between the chain links and the head silhouette.

Copy the URL of your photograph from flickr.com

Then click on the "Add Image" button and paste the URL of the picture into the dialog box.

When you are done setting up your post, go to the bottom of the page and change the "Post to:" box to "kerrphotos," and then click "Update Journal.

And you're done.